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Everyone is talking about the cloud. They have been for ages. But what is it? How can you get there? Is it right for you? Basically, it means having your software as a service. Nothing in-house or on-premise, but accessible anywhere. No overheads, and free from the strains of managing it yourself. We have helped many businesses take their first steps into the cloud space with GMS Cloud, our complete email solution, hosted by Amazon Web Services.

What You Get:

Access your email anywhere, in the office, at home, or on the move with GMS Webspace, our flagship mail client, and optimised for mobile use. Or have it come through a variety of clients such as Outlook or Thunderbird

  • The ability to share and manage schedules, contacts and tasks

  • Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync to sync your calendars, contacts, and other personal data on your smart device.

  • Zero Hour malware protection included

  • Unlimited telephone and email support during your business hours.

  • A constantly evolving solution that’s always getting better

  • Plenty of assistance migrating your data over to the cloud.


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