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New features:
1 Best software to search images by color.Image color analysis.
Fast image analysis on deep convolutional neural networks.
3 Manually modify the result of face detection( Add the missed and Delete the false).
4 Support huge image with more than 100 million pixels!
5 Support PSD format.

GiSeek Pro has the following advantages:
1 Find similar image by image.
2 Fast image analysis on deep convolutional neural networks.
3 Find body pictures very fast.
4 Find duplicate photos to help users save space.
5 Adopt highly efficient database and need much less resources than other software.
6 Show the camera, aperture, shutter and other EXIF information
7 Supports more than 30 kinds of picture formats, including bmp jpg gif tif png pnm ico jpe jfi wmf emf
8 First software that can search imges by two specific colors.

Summary: face detection

Concepts: Portable Network Graphics, Exchangeable image file format, Image file formats, JPEG, Photography, IMAGE, Tagged Image File Format, Graphics file formats


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Tags: convolutional neural networks, Fast image analysis, image file format, jpe jfi wmf, Exchangeable image file, Support huge image, color.Image color analysis, Tagged Image File, Support PSD format, Image file formats, bmp jpg gif, Graphics file formatsCategories, Portable Network Graphics, similar image, New features, Best software, face detection, EXIF information, duplicate photos, following advantages, face detectionConcepts, GiSeek Pro&nbsp, body pictures, picture formats, specific colors.Summary, computing/software/graphics software/technology, computing/consumer electronics/camera, photo equipment/cameras

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