GdsViewer 2.1 Professional


GdsViewer 2.1 is designed to efficiently view, print, convert GDSII files and is packed with features to satisfy the most demanding users:
64-bit file access;
viewing both ASCII and binary GDSII files;
easy convenient navigation;
high resolution fast printing with no limit on print size;
visualization of DSPF RC extraction results
export to ASCII and binary GDSII with different selection options;
export to 3D vtk file;
export to JPEG, BMP files and Clipboard;
comparing cells using AND, OR, XORNOT, SUB operations;
measuring tools with various snapping options;
text searches;
design annotations and tag searches;
automatic or user defined grid;
96 fill styles for layers producing legible views even at high zoom levels;
pattern, solid, outline, inversion drawing modes;
convinient project manager with load progress, showing GDSII files and cells information;
multithreaded design for multipprocessor/multicore systems;
optimizations that reduce memory footprint and speed up operations.
Free updates and upgrades within the same major version number

Never Expires

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