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Why Fxmower?

1. Forex robot FXMower can be trusted, because it is proved by the time and various tests. And most importantly, its successful work is confirmed by the results on our real accounts and the accounts of our clients.

2. Our EA allows to limit a drawdown as much as you would like to. By default, it is set exactly as on our live account. But you can change this value in the direction of greater profitability or reliability.

3. We provide our clients with a high-quality support, which in our opinion, in the financial sphere, is no less important than a qualitative software. We are always ready to answer your questions and solve all the issues that you face as soon as possible.

4. FXMower works on MetaTrader 4 platform and is compatible with any broker. It is very easy to install and set. After that, you will not need to do anything else, the EA will perform all the actions automatically.


Summary: Fxmower

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