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FusionCharts Suite for Flex helps you create interactive charts, gauges and maps in your Adobe® Flex® solutions. It helps you build exciting reports in your Flex projects in no time at all!

Built as a native Flex component, FusionCharts for Flex internally harnesses the power of FusionCharts v3 and FusionWidgets v3 framework, which is the industry leader in Adobe Flash Charting. FusionMaps for Flex uses the FusionMaps v3 framework. The good part is that as Flex developers, you need not worry about what is happening behind the scenes. FusionCharts Suite for Flex smartly abstracts the internals of FusionCharts, thereby exposing Flex API and events that are already familiar to you!

FusionCharts for Flex lets you render a variety of chart types, all with the same ease. It currently offers over 59 types of charts and gauges spanning 2D charts, 3D charts, realtime gauges, etc. The following types charts and gauges can be rendered using FusionCharts for Flex:

  • Standard charts like Column, Bar, Line, Pie, Doughnut, Area etc.
  • Multi-series charts having multiple datasets for comparison
  • Stacked charts having datasets built over one another
  • Combination charts that allow you to combine different chart types on the same axis or dual axis
  • Funnel and Pyramid charts
  • Bubble and XY Plot (scatter charts)
  • Radar and Gantt charts
  • Charts with logarithmic axis
  • Spline and Spline Area charts
  • True and interactive 3D charts
  • Gauges (Angular, Cylindrical, Linear, etc.) that can be updated in real-time
  • Spark charts (miniature, word-sized charts) and Bullet graphs

FusionMaps for Flex help you create animated, interactive and data-driven maps in your Adobe Flex projects. Using FusionMaps for Flex, you can display geographical data distributed by category, regions or entities. Ideal usage examples are statistical display of data, flight routes, office locations, election results, survey results or business data like “Revenue by Regions” or “Revenue by states”. FusionMaps does NOT currently work on zip codes or latitude/longitude.

FusionMaps currently consist of over 300 maps, including all continents, major countries and all US states. Salient features of FusionMaps for Flex are:

  • Dynamic & data-driven flash maps
  • Supports custom markers to pin point locations like cities, malls, junctions, office locations etc.
  • Dynamically resizable to any size
  • Supports coloring by data range, with option to show/hide legend
  • Supports different animation styles
  • Supports drill-down in same window, new window, frames or pop-up windows
  • 2D/3D Mode using bevel and shadow effects
  • Fully AJAX Enabled for advanced client side interactivity and dynamic map change
  • Supports multi-lingual (UTF-8) names
  • Supports STYLES, advanced number formatting, tool-tips, custom backgrounds etc.

Irrespective of whether you are using Flex Builder 2, Flex Builder 3, Flash Builder 4, Flex SDK or any other Flex development kits, FusionCharts Suite for Flex efficiently works with all of them.

FusionCharts for Flex has a flexible and easy to learn API that allows you to create charts in very few lines of code as well as do advanced things like exporting them as images/PDFs and extracting data as CSV/XML.

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