FrontDoor Security for PC

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We Have What You Need to Protect Your Computer and Your Information!

1. Theft Prevention Security Ownership Dispay Screen. The first screen someone sees when they turn on your computer and dramatically increases your chances of recovery.  Update up to 9 fields of information at any time as you move or travel.  

2. Audiible Theft Prevention Alert Communication Tool.  Turn on a start-up audible securty alert message that plays once at boot-up to help prevention theft.

3. Proof of Ownership and Asset Management Tool.  Automatically collects the machine address.

4. Blast a "STOLEN COMPUTER" message to the laptop.  This helps the prevention of resale

5. Lock it down. You can send a 1-50 character lockdown code that you create to the missing computer to try help protect your information.

6. Update your security alert ownership display screen.  New cell phone? Email? Update your ownership recovery information from remote, and even send a text message to the thief.

7. Yell at the thief. Turn on our laptop SHOUT for help talking feature.


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