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FOREXSEVEN is fully automated Forex system (robot). Our product is completely unique! It’s can work on 20 currency pairs at once. This flexibility of FOREXSEVEN make possible to compensate all drawdowns, using profit on other currency pairs. When the sufficient total equity profit is reached, the system will close all trades with profit. This system very reliable and has special control of drawdown which will protect you against losses. Advisor uses a trading algorithm that allows you always close the orders with profit in the aggregate and most important – it’s not using principles of the Martingale! We achieve this by working with a great number of currency pairs.

Summary: Advisor

Concepts: Foreign exchange market, Currency pair, Automation, Currency, Ownership equity


  • /finance/investing/day trading
  • /automotive and vehicles/vehicle brands/fiat
  • /business and industrial/company/earnings

Tags: currency pairs, total equity profit, Foreign exchange market, Currency pair, currency pairs.Summary, trading algorithm, special control, great number, /finance/investing/day trading/automotive, vehicles/vehicle brands/fiat/business, drawdown, Forex, flexibility, losses, robot, aggregate, trades, Advisor, Ownership, product, orders, drawdowns, AdvisorConcepts, Automation, industrial/company/earnings, principles, Martingale

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