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Transfer databases from any engine to MS SQL Server quickly and reliably.

FlySpeed DB Migrate to SQL Server expedites the migration from your current database engine into MS SQL Server. Migrate your entire database complete with structure and data quickly and efficiently, or transfer data from the source database into an existing structure. The data transfer mode allows performing one-way database synchronization as many times as you need.

Need a local backup of your database? Migrate your database onto the local PC, and keep it up-to-date with regular data transfer! Don't have a direct connection to the remote database? No problem! FlySpeed DB Migrate will create a compatible SQL script that you can execute on the remote PC to perform the transfer.

FlySpeed DB Migrate is not a use-it-once data-transfer utility. The product offers powerful options for database synchronization and regular maintenance. FlySpeed DB Migrate runs data transfer tasks in a single click by using drag-and drop or the supplied command-line tool. You don`t even have to run it every time to export data; setting a simple schedule with Task Scheduler solves the problem of periodic data export once and forever.

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