FlyGrid.Net - Pro Edition


9Rays.Net is proving that great things indeed come in small packages. Having enjoyed success in beta preliminary release versions, FlyGrid.Net is taking off in full release, promising to deliver a fast and highly customizable Tree/Grid for Windows.Forms in only 340Kb.

FlyGrid.Net distinguishes itself from larger Windows.Forms DataGrid tools by offering complete database interface management in .Net 1.0, 1.1 and 2.0 versions, with features designed for speed and flexibility.

The control?s design editors gives complete control over column and row design. FlyGrid.Net is very fast ? adds 100,000 nodes as quickly as in 0.2 seconds.

FlyGrid.Net fully supports XP themes and drawing, with four types of column editor styles: simple, dropdown, dialog and spin and allows custom dropdowns (any Windows.Forms control).

Some of the key features of FlyGrid.Net include Shift/Ctrl cell block selection, split view capability so users can split the grid into several horizontal and vertical splitted views and resize them, full support of RightToLeft, numerous drag and drop options.

FlyGrid.Net provides unlimited levels of nested grids within each row to display master/detail views or hierachical data from several data sources.

FlyGrid.Net works in bound, unbound, virtual modes and can mix these modes.

Grouping and sorting is allowed on several columns.

The wide range of FlyGrid.Net column types provides summaries and filters that can be customized at runtime.

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