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FlexiSPY EXTREME is a professional grade spy phone software that secretly captures all cell phone communications and lets you view or listen to all of this from anywhere in the world. In other words it lets you become a fly on the wall knowing their every move.

FlexiSPY EXTREME is installed on the target device in minutes – it then discretely captures data such as SMS, E-mails, WhatsApp Messages (on iPhone and Android phones), BlackBerry Messages (on BlackBerry devices), Call Logs and GPS locations. Once captured the communication data is then sent to your private web account where all is revealed and GPS locations are even displayed on a map so you can track their location and movements. You also have the option to have a copy of the information forwarded to your e-mail inbox for your convenience.

With FlexiSPY EXTREME you can also intercept actual phone calls (so you can listen in on a live conversation) and remotely activate the target cell phone's microphone so you can listen to the phone's environment – just like a bugging device.

FlexiSPY EXTREME is our flagship product and has every spy feature that we've ever invented, all packaged into one easy to use, powerful package. It is the most powerful spy phone app ever created. Don't take our word for it – simply check out the feature list below.

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