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Have you ever wanted to use Javascript menus on your sites and faced the stress of working with painful scripts and unmanageable cross browser behavior? Forget about implementation issues with FlexiMenus JS, a Dreamweaver extension that allows designers create and easily manage beautiful drop-down, vertical or tabbed animated JavaScript menus across the website. FlexiMenus JS for Dreamweaver offers 30 eye-catching effects transition effects like Fade, Slide, Reveal and 15 menus skins that can be managed from the Dreamweaver UI, with no coding required. Thanks to the powerful styling system, every menu design element can be individually customized with new fonts, colors, margins, images and text styles.

FlexiMenus JS key features

  • Create drop down, tabbed and vertical animated JavaScript menus from the Dreamweaver UI
  • The implementation can be done entirely from the Dreamweaver interface, with no hand-coding
  • 15 ready made skins, each with multiple color schemas
  • 30 eye-catching transition effects: fade, slide, reveal, etc
  • Seamlessly embed menus into the website layout with the advanced positioning features
  • Build your own look&feel with the easy styling system, to customize fonts, colors, margins, images and text styles
  • Insert multiple menus in one page with unlimited levels
  • Show menu/submenu on hover or click
  • Keep button selected after click
  • Set Open/close delay
  • Run custom scripts on click or on hover (JavaScript calls)

FlexiMenus JS dynamic features – Developer Edition

  • Organize data, create and configure animated JavaScript menus dynamically without writing manual code
  • Define the menu design from the GUI, pull data using a Dreamweaver recordset
  • Server-side languages: ASP
  • Multiple databases support including MS SQL, Oracle & MySQL
  • Select which recordset generates the menu
  • Select the column that contains the unique Menu IDs
  • Select the parent ID column for unlimited depth menus
  • Reads different columns for buttons, section header and separators
  • Dynamically set labels, links and links target from the database

Easy to use

  • Load, manage, save menu presets that include skin styles and animations from previous sites.
  • Revolutionary InBrowser Editing so you don’t need to switch back and forth between the development and the testing environment.

Web standards and SEO

  • FlexiMenu JS is SEO friendly and improves your site’s Page Rank and search engine placement (SERP position).
  • W3C Compliant – menus will validate against W3C XHTML transitional online validation tools.
  • Wide browser support: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari Windows, Mac Safari, Mac Opera, Mac Internet Explorer, Netscape.

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