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Film  Gallery PLUGIN

Joomla 1.6 extension

A plugin to show window of photos with a scroll bar.

New: "Copy Protection" some sort of glass infront of image to block "Image save as", needs to be enabled in plugin settings.


{filmgallery=FOLDER,WIDTH,HEIGTH,SCROLLPOSITION,FILELIST, Thumbnail Background, Scroll Size, Thumbnail width, Thumbnail Height, Padding}

SCROLLPOSITION: left | right | top | bottom

FILELIST: this is optional parameter file names (names only, without path) should be separated with semicolon ;

0 – Folder
1 – Width – optional
2 – Height
– optional
3 – Scroll Position – optional
4 – File List – optional
5 – Thumb Background Image – optional
6 – Scroll Size (must be bigger then thambnail) – optional
7 – Thumbnail Width – optional
8 – Thumbnail Height – optional
9 – Padding – Distance between images, vertical or horizontal depending on navigation bar position – optional

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