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Extreme Picture Finder allows you to find and download pictures of your interest on the Web. The program has been very popular with digital artists, designers, photographers, webmasters, journalists and other categories of people who need to quickly get pictures from the Web in large volumes – Extreme Picture Finder can download up to 10 pictures simultaneously. Extreme Picture Finder allows you to download all pictures from the specified website and maintain the structure and order they appear in on the Web. You can “preview” the pictures to see which ones you need. You can even choose category of the pictures you wish to download – the category library keeps growing.
The best thing about Extreme Picture Finder is its simplicity combined with multitude of options. You can set picture size limitations. When you search for high quality pictures, you can set the limit to 200K and higher. If you search for small pictures, you can set the limit to 20K and lower. When you have 20 screenshots to look at, you have an option to download each one individually or to use our software.
Other great options are URL filters to cut off advertisement related images, built-in picture viewer (thumbnails, slideshow, full screen viewing, to name a few), and numerous plug-ins. These plug-ins optimize Extreme Picture Finder for working in different areas – professional (web, design, photography) and home use.
Best of all, this software is distributed on a try-before-you-buy basis, which means you are given a substantial trial period to try this software.

Never Expires

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