Explosions and Special Effects. They look good but making animated effects for games isn’t as easy as it could be. ExGen is designed to fulfill all the special effects art requirements for the average video game.
Ever wanted to created animated special effects for a video game? It’s not an easy task – this is where ExGen comes in.
ExGen uses a series of particle systems to create animated special effects with great speed. Especially useful for explosions ExGen can also be used to make a multitude of different animations.
ExGen can save you hours of painstaking image manipulation creating stunning effects in minutes:
Easily create single or sequentially numbered animation images
Create and position multiple particle systems
Use your own images to colour and shape the particles
Use a timeline to change the start time of the particle animations
Add Attractors and Deflectors to manipulate the positions of the individual particles
Adjust over 30 different parameters to make literally thousands of different combinations of particle animations
The download has two modes. A Demo mode and a Lite mode. The demo mode has all features active except for Exporting of completed animations. The Lite mode is limited in features but lets you export the finished article.

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