Escape From Lost Island (PC, English)


Tropical island is not always the best place to spend summer holidays. Don’t believe me? Download Escape from the Lost Island game and see how a pleasant voyage can turn into death-defying expedition!
In Escape from the Lost Island you step into the shoes of an adventurer woman on summer vacation. After her cruise ship had sank, she managed to reach an uncharted island. Are the troubles behind? Well, they have just begun! The lost island is filled with dangerous surprises. And you have to fight to stay alive till somebody comes to save you.
Escape from the Lost Island mixes hidden object and puzzle games. You’ll walk through dozens of tricky levels, learn to survive on a lost island, challenge pirates and aboriginals and more. Use your knowledge, wit and skills to find out the way to escape the lost island!
Are you ready for an unforgettable adventure? Play Escape from the Lost Island game and have hour of fun!

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