eScan Universal Security Suite

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eScan Universal Security Suite

eScan Universal Suite for Home and Small Office Edition is a specially designed security solution that provides real-time protection to devices and computers with Windows, Macintosh, Linux and Android operating systems from objectionable content and evolving cyber threats through a single license key.


Key Features:

For Windows

  • Advanced Virus Control (Smart Proactive Protection)
  • Real-time Protection
  • Faster On-Demand Scanning
  • Effective Auto Back Up and Restore
  • Effective Endpoint Security
  • Advanced Two-Way Firewall
  • eScan Rescue Mode
  • Scheduled Scanning
  • Anti-Spam
  • Parental Control

For Mac

  • Effective Real-Time Scanning
  • Endpoint Security
  • Anti-Adware
  • Anti-Rootkit

For Android

  • Effective Real-Time Scanning
  • Call and SMS Filter
  • Backup and Restore of Contacts and SMSs
  • Effective Web Protection and Parental Control
  • Effective Application Control
  • Scheduled Scanning
  • Privacy Advisor
  • Anti-Theft
  • User-Friendly GUI

For Linux

  • On-Demand/ Command Line Scanning
  • Scheduled Scanning
  • Data Stream Scanning
  • User Defined Scanning
  • Logs and Extensive Report
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