eScan Enterprise Edition (with Hybrid Network Support)

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eScan Enterprise Edition (with Hybrid Network Support) is a complete security suite for Enterprises and Corporate which provides essential protection against viruses, objectionable content, hackers and privacy threats. eScan Enterprise edition also consists of MailScan for Mail Servers that provides protection to both the mail servers and file servers from information security threats.

Features :

  • New Secure Web Interface with Summarized Dashboarde
  • Endpoint Security with Device Management & Application Control (Improved)
  • Asset Management (New)
  • Print Activity (New)
  • Network Outbreak Prevention, Live Alerts and Reports
  • Enhanced Firewall on both the Server and the Client
  • The New Faster and Intelligent On-Demand Scanner
  • Web Based Administration Console.
  • Integrated Security Policy Enforcement.
  • Advanced AntiSpam and AntiPhishing.
  • Real-Time Virus Scanning at the Mail Gateway .
  • Blocking Image Spam.
  • Real-Time Content Scanning.
  • Greylisting.
  • LDAP & POP3 Authentication.
  • Non Intrusive Learning Pattern (NILP).
  • Autogenerated Spam Whitelist.
  • Attachment Filtering.
  • Clustering.
  • Relay Control.
  • Comprehensive Attachment & Email Archiving.
  • Customized Disclaimers.
  • Virus Outbreak Alerts.
  • Extensive Reports
  • Automatic Compressed Updates.
  • 24×7 Free Technical Support.
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