eScan Corporate Edition for MailScan

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The latest version of MailScan scans and cleans e-mails. It does not scan your local hard disk or protect your entire File Server (on which the Mail Server is installed).

To protect your entire Mail Server machine, you need to download a special version of eScan – “eScan Corporate for MailScan”. This special version works with MailScan and protects your Server from viruses and worms. eScan Corporate for MailScan can be installed *only* on machines which already have MailScan installed. For normal workstations and servers, you need to install the regular eScan Corporate for Windows. eScan is a high-performance, device-driver based, complete Anti-Virus and Content-Security solution for Workstations and File-Servers. If you want to protect your entire Network of File-Servers and Workstations, please check our eScan Corporate Edition and eScan Enterprise Edition. Both includes a license of eScan Corporate for MailScan (as a separate setup file).

Features :

  • New Secure Web Interface.
  • Summarized Dashboard for better Security Management.
  • Endpoint Security with Device Management (USBs and CD/DVD ROMs).
  • Network Outbreak Prevention, Live Alerts and Reports.
  • Hotfix Management.
  • Enhanced Firewall on both the Server and the Client.
  • Sophisticated File Blocking & Folder Protection
  • The New Faster and Intelligent On-Demand Scanner.
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