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So, here is a short list of features of EmInspector:

Monitoring and analysis of activities of your employees (Running applications, Websites visited, Keystrokes, Text, copied to clipboard, Activity in social networks (Facebook, Twitter etc.), Chats in instant messengers (Skype, Viber, ICQ etc), File operations in defined directories; Arrival, removal of removable media devices; Screenshots; Snapshots through webcam; Snapshots through IP camera; Audio recording with microphone)

Real-Time Monitoring (Connection to employee's webcam, IP-cam, and watching real-time streaming video. Watching the desktop of the employee. What he is doing at the moment? Listening to conversations by connecting to microphones on users' computers)

Restrictions for users (Lock certain programs (eg games), at certain times of the day. Blocking certain sites (for example, social networks), at certain times of the day. Possibility of total closing of access to the Internet at certain intervals of the day (for example, on the work time, excluding lunch break).Block writing ton removable media devices).

Preventing leaks (The ability to lock a user's computer in real-time, in case of information leakage. Can be done either manually or automatically when EmInspector detects suspicious activity of employee. Block writing to USB media devices in case of information leakage. Alert when a change of certain files by user is detected. Setting the key phrases. If one of them is detected in activity of the employee, you will receive an alert notification. Based on information received, you can prevent the leakage of confidential info. Also, it can be done automatically by the program.)

Summary: social networks, Facebook, Twitter

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