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So, here is a short list of features of EfMax:

- Monitoring and collection of statistics:

•Overall efficient and inefficient times of your team;
•Identifying the most and least effective employees;
•Top applications and sites used by employees;
•Determination of the least punctual employees (lateness, absence)
•Reporting on a single date or time period
•Monitoring changes in the efficiency of employees over a long period of time;
•Compare the efficiency of your employees;
•Monitoring the efficiency both on computer and outside. The uniqueness of the program is that it can determine, was employee worked or not in
period of inactivity on his computer.
•Export reports to the Web, text formats and images;

- Increase employee productivity:

•Alert personnel about its effectiveness: a good job or not. The reminder comes on your behalf that motivates him to work better;
•Ability to view employee of its effectiveness;
•Unique screen saver that runs on employee's PC if he is absent for a while. He sees it when returns to the workplace. This screensaver shows a graph of
the efficiency of an employee over a long period of time. Thus, the employee regularly reviews his progress and tries to work better.
•Alert employee on his lateness, or if he left his workplace before the end of a workday;
•The requirement for the explanation of the reason of long absence out the workplace.

- Convenient system of notifications:

•You will receive the notification in case of a very efficient or very inefficient time spending by employee;
•Notifications about the absence of an employee at work, or regarding his lateness.
•Notification of the need to classify the programs or websites: are they useful for certain groups of employees or not.
•In fact, you are required only to take care about received notices. All work on efficiency will take on EfMax!

Summary: screen saver

Concepts: Time, Periodization, Employment, Time discipline, Absenteeism, Screensaver, The Reminder, Economic efficiency


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