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The Best Launcher And Commands Manager

How to work in a better and most efficient way? and how to manage and use our data or documents in a better and most efficient way? The software you need comes here. Easytone is an easy to use, powerful tool: managing catalogs, launching any application, creating commands, opening file/folder/web link, saving or loading any format clipboard data permanently. Easytone item can be a program in Start Menu, application, file/folder/web link, clipboard data or combination of them. You no longer have to search for your programs in Start Menu or navigate folders to find a file, creating knowledge,information or data libraries are so easy. Preserving the content of the clipboard permanently, and for use anytime, anywhere. For more about Easytone application, please download and try it now.

Easytone application can help you:
(1) Manage files/folders/programs/web links/customized commands/clipboard datas or combination of them for your needs.
(2) Find a data or run a program by striking several keys, and no longer in Windows way.
(3) Save clipboard data of any format Permanently,and for use anytime, anywhere.

Easytone can be used as following:
(1) Datas manager.
(2) Programs / commands manager.
(3) Clip-datas manager.
(4) Web links manager.
(5) Combination of them.
(6) Others.

For more uses of Easytone application, please download and try it now.

(1) Easytone Item can be a clip data, document/program/folder/weblink/command or combination of them.
(2) Catalogs are managed in a tree, You can add, edit or move for your need.
(3) move Easytone items between two catalogs.
(4) add or load clip data.
(5) add, edit composed item.
(6) Add, edit documents/programs/folders, or weblinks.
(7) You can type commands for your need.
(8) Launch programs / weblinks,open documents / folders, load clip data by using shortname,name, or hotkey of a Easytone item.
(9) Import / export catalogs and Easytone items.
(10) Batch Replace Easytone items infomations.

Summary: Easytone, Easytone, Windows

Concepts: Computer program, Launcher applications, Data, Start menu, Windows Vista


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