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EasyArgoScalper is a night multi-pair scalper Expert Advisor (EA).

It trades during the Asian session, when the market activity is minimal.
EA uses a highly flexible and carefully optimized strategy for entering its trades, getting fast profits on the ranging and gently trending market.

A special feature of EasyArgoScalper is usage of the limit pending orders for entering the trades. This minimizes the price slippage, which often happens on the “thin” market during the night hours with other scalper EAs that employ the market orders.

EasyArgoScalper does not use martingale in its trading strategy.

All trading orders have the take-profit and stop-loss levels, which ensures against connection failures with the broker. On each currency pair, only one trading order per direction (buy/sell) is allowed at the same time.
The unique proprietary system of active money management (that can be switched on and off in the settings) analyses the actual history of trading orders and adjusts the volume of the trading orders in accordance to the actual profitability on each currency pair.

EasyArgoScalper complies with the requirements of NFA (National Futures Association). It can be used for trading on small deposits (100$, or even smaller) and small leverages (from 1:10).

The detailed user manual and preset settings for 10 currency pairs are provided with the EA. All updates of the EA and the preset files are free for our users.

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