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Easy Capture & Thumbnail is the most innovative and easy-to-use professional screen capture application available. Designed specifically for web designers and artists, but user-friendly for any Windows user who needs an effortless, effective way to work with “snapshots” of Windows screens. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality and easy-to-use application at a reasonable price.
What you can do with it?
Capturing images of your software and place them in your Help system.
Capturing images of other application and place them in your online tutorials.
Capturing images of vendor websites and place them in your affiliate websites.
Capturing images of what you see exactly in your screen and send to your friend.
It is much easier to use!
Compare many other “huge” and expensive screen capture application, Easy Capture & Thumbnail is much more easier to use, even a child still need not read any manuals to get started. Without any useless functions that other screen capture application are included only to get more money out of your pocket, Easy Capture & Thumbnail provides 3 capturing mode: fullscreen, windows object, region. It is enough for all web designers and artists. So it is much more inexpensive and professional solution for you.

Key Feature:
Simply click button to capture fullscreen, windows object and any region of your screen.
Sits in the Windows system tray. You can use tray menu to capture images.
Can redefine your hotkeys to capture images.
Can play sound alerts when you capture any image.
Zoom factor slider make it easier to change the images to the thumbnails.
The inching switch help you to make the accurate thumbnails with any width and height.
You can save the images to JPEG images or Windows bitmap images.

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