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E-Staff gives users the ability to

  • Manage organizational structure (divisions, positions, employees) for HR departments:

    • The ability to load organizational structure from a corporate HR system.
  • Manage clients for recruiting agencies and suppliers and other contractors, in addition to providing

    • CRM functions for staffing agencies.
    • Recruiting expenses tracking.
  • Manage vacancies.

    • Option for a division head to create a vacancy through a Web interface;
  • Import résumés (CVs) from emails or Microsoft Word/OpenOffice documents:

    • Automatic parsing of key résumé information (first and last name, date of birth, address, phone numbers, e-mail, expected salary);
    • Manual and automatic import modes;
    • Résumé (CV) processing directly from a mailbox.
    • Résumé (CV) pasting directly from a Web site.
  • Manage databases of all candidates who have contacted you:

    • phone contacts
    • interviews
    • assessments
    • reference checking
    • job offers
    • probation periods
    • checking overdue states and
    • integration with Microsoft Outlook calendar.
  • Test candidates using external testing systems:

    • Automatically assign the required set of tests for a candidate;
    • Track the completion state of testing;
    • Automatically download test results to E-Staff.
  • Send emails according to customizable templates.
  • Search data using formal criteria and keywords.
  • Quickly navigate among interrelated cards of candidates, positions, clients, and events, using cross-references.
  • Use a multi-user (network) version to

    • Assign access rights
    • Browse task information for each employee
  • View statistical reports to

    • Understand the efficiency of the recruitment process
    • See vacancy closing times
    • Understand the efficiency of candidate sources
    • Create custom reports.

In addition, the software allows

  • Database extension according to the fields and reference lists your company uses.
  • Integration with personnel management system and corporate portals.

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