E.M. Swf Photo Slideshow Command line Full Version


E.M. Swf Photo Slideshow Command line is a wonderful console utility that can be used to create dynamic flash album for your family and photo gallery for website with SWF output format. An easy-to-use command line tool to your server side application and help to build your own site for flash photo slideshow on Windows or Linux.

Help to build a platform for photo slideshow
With this tool, it will be easy to build a platform for converting photos and images to swf with various dynamic effect.
Easy to Use

1. Collect your favorite photos and background music, select proper effects in built-in Themes folder.
2. Create an xml source file to describe your content, such as test.xml
3. Run command: >sscl.exe test.xml, to get your attractive swf product.

Various dynamic effects

Various effect styles bring your photos and images to life. Swf Photo slideshow command line provides array of built-in effects like wedding, kids, family and so on to add visual impact between photos. Background music, voice narration embody individuality.

Supported image formats

bmp, .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .tif, .tiff

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