Dutch Duck Utilities for Internet Explorer


If you use Microsoft Internet Explorer™ often, and want to make it easier to search in your history, delete individual sites, backup your favorites, or see what is in your cookies, then you should give Dutch Duck Internet Utilities a try.
Dutch Duck Internet Utilities is a combination of 3 utilities that have been merged into one program:
History Explorer
Do you want to delete individual sites from your history so that other people can no longer see what sites you have visited? Would you like to search in your history? Print out all the sites you have recently visited? Or sort items in your history by site or date? History Explorer allows you to do all this-and more.

Favorites Explorer
Would you like to backup your favorites to a text file? Easily share the favorites of your computer at home with your computer at work? Edit your favorites in Excel? Search in your favorites? Sort or group them? Favorites Explorer allows you to do all this-and more.

Cookies Explorer
Would you like to see what is actually in a cookie? Search for a specific cookie? Delete cookies that you don’t want to be on your computer? See when your cookies have been modified, and when they expire. Cookies Explorer allows you to do all this-and more.
Dutch Duck Internet Utilities consists of a single file, and does not install any ActiveX controls, or any files in your system directory. This means that you can run Dutch Duck on your computer, even if your employer has restricted the installation of new programs on your computer.

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