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Brockhaus Duden Neue Medien GmbH in Mannheim is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bibliographical Institute & F. A. Brockhaus AG publishing house. Duden’”’s reference books and dictionaries are specially meant for journalists, editors, students, interpreters, and translators, as well as for everyone else, who wants to write or speak neatly and stylistically correctly.
Brockhaus Duden Neue Medien GmbH together with its partners in industry and science carries out research and development projects in the fields of knowledge management and computer linguistics. Duden’”’s spelling and grammar are regarded as trend-setting and leading on the market. The products developed by Duden language technology cover the most comprehensive and profoundly edited word-list.
The 24th edition of the Duden German spelling dictionarycontains spelling, word division and rules dated August, 2006, obligatory for all schools and authorities. The new Duden presents contemporary vocabulary of the German language so fully as never before. Duden recommendations (?Duden-Empfehlungen?) are available for the first time in this edition and prescribe the right spelling in such disputable cases as Saxofon or Saxophon? In all the cases, where the new Official Rules permit several variants of spelling, Duden gives a recommendation, which is marked yellow. These recommendations should be looked upon as suggestion and help in word choice for the workers of mass media, enterprises, publishing houses, editorial staffs and all the private persons, who attach importance to common orthography. All the new spelling and word division variants are highlit red for the better viewing.
Over 130 000 keywords.
3 000 new words, e.g. Internettelefonie, kleinreden, Publikumsjoker, Sudoku, Telenovela, USB-Stick etc.
Over 500 000 illustrative examples, meaning explanations and information about word division, pronunciation, grammar, etymology, and style.
9 000 audio pronunciations for difficult words.
NEW: Duden provides several acceptable spellings where possible.
Opportunities you gain with Duden dictionaries for Windows Mobile Smartphone:
Enter the words on your native language easier using on-screen Virtual Keyboard for more than 25 languages.
Study the language in the easiest and most effective way using Duden Windows Smartphone dictionary. Add the words you want to remember to Flash Cards and then pass a Flash Cards Quiz.

Use the dictionary effectively thanks to multilingual dictionary interface available in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Greek and Russian languages.
Save memory on your device and install Duden Windows Mobile Smartphone dictionaries to expansion cards (Memory Stick, Compact Flash, SD Cards, MMC, etc).
Find the translation of the word 100 times faster than using simple paper dictionary thanks to unique data compression technology.
Possibility to install several dictionary word databases at the same time. For example, you can install Duden German spelling dictionary, Duden German explanatory dictionary and work with them concurrently.
Duden Windows Mobile Smartphone dictionary is compatible with all Windows Mobile 2003 Smartphone, Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition Smartphone, Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone and Windows Mobile 6 Standard devices.
As Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Paragon Software (SHDD) provides hi-quality software compatible with Windows Mobile Smartphone devices.
30 day unconditional money-back guarantee
You will receive the registration key right after the ordering
Received registration code will turn the trial version into the full one
Secure on-line ordering
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