DTAB is a powerful and yet easy to use Drum Tab editing software for windows. DTAB features full Midi Playback and is designed around the fast and fluent creation of Drum Tab possible.

Main Features :
Full Midi PLAYBACK (Bar, Section & Song Modes)
Imports Hand Made Drum Tab (from file or web)
Export Drum Music as standard Drum Tab
Export Drum Music to MIDI Files
Triplets, Time Signatures, Tempo Controls
Easy navigation using either mouse, keyboard or both
Easy editing controls using with Keyboard, Mouse or combination of both
User definable MIDI Sound Sets
Multi Bar Edit Tab Window
Full Support for common TAB notations (Accents, Flams, Ghosts, Doubles & Ruffs)
User Definable Personal Settings
User selectable Drum Kits configurations.
Copy / Paste / Insert / Delete Bars / Bar Scrolling
Section Naming, Copying
Automated Export to Tab function, removes unused any lines, insert repeats, and formats your Tab based upon your personal preferences.
Bar Comments, Numbering, Section Naming
Quick Key Ref Documentation from within the program + Html Docs
And much much more…

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