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For total security, you need DriveScrubber power

Are you giving away sensitive data when you sell or discard your PC?
74% of discarded PC hard drives contain private data that can be easily read and recovered… even if the drive has been reformatted *

Deleting files doesn’t work.
When you delete data or format a drive you assume the files, pictures, email or documents no longer exist on your computer.
But your private data still exists, and it only takes basic knowledge of PCs to find it.

Permanently erase files, pictures, documents, credit card info, bank statements, passwords and more
Securely wipe all drive data before selling, donating or recycling your PC
Restore your drives to like-new after virus or spyware damage
Wipes PC drives, flash drives, cameras and more

Features and Benefits

Customizable Tools
Government and Military Compliant
Maintain Ongoing Protection
Ultimate Scalability
Maximum Speed
Wipe from within Windows



Summary: bank statements, Windows, 74%

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