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This is a remarkable format converter tool for MS word files. It converts format of MS word files in different formats like DOC, DOCX, DOCM and DOT to RTF format with similar ease. Users convert format of word files to RTF as it enjoys near universal compatibility. It is always advisable to convert format of word files to RTF format before posting on internet or sending to someone as RTF is compatible with most word processers and computer operating systems. DOCX, DOC, DOCM or DOT doesn’t enjoy such compatibility. For example- As .docx is file type of MS word 2007, users who don’t have MS word 2007 installed on their computer may find it difficult to open .dox files. This tool is a necessity for those who use text editor tools as most text editor tools support RTF files. On the other hand text editor tools usually don’t work with other format word files. So, this tool can be very helpful for users who need to process files on text editor tools. To process files on text editor tools users simply need to convert format of word files to RTF format. While converting the format of files, this tool leaves out content of the files unchanged. Tool provides different saving options. It is compatible with different versions of windows operating system. This DOCX to RTF converter can be easily used as DOC to RTF converter, DOCM to RTF converter or DOT to RTF converter also. It is a fast tool and can process large number of files in a single batch process.

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