Docs4ECM - Professional Edition


Docs4ECM is a Windows application that enables users to classify documents into a number of document repositories. With Docs4ECM you can publish documents to different ECM systems at the same time.

Docs4ECM enables users to scan documents and in the same process classify them into your document repository.
– Works with TWAIN compatible scanners
– Scan documents to TIFF or PDF formats
– Batch scanning and then batch indexing of documents in queue
– Configure different scan profiles
– Configure automatic classification for optimized document processing
– Configurable duplex scanning, auto deskew, image compression, color corrections
– Split or merge scanned documents
– Enter document meta-data before upload
– Upload in background queue for increased user productivity

Docs4ECM also installs on a computer as a virtual printer. This enables users to leverage publishing documents to ECM systems from any application. Currently, user working with a proprietary invoices application might need to either save an invoice as PDF on disk and then upload or even first print and them scan document into his ECM. Docs4ECM enables users to print document using installed virtual printer which opens up Docs4ECM application through which he can modify meta-data and upload document to ECM. This way unnecessary steps are skipped and user productivity is significantly increased.
– Automatically integrates with all applications that have Print capability
– Print documents to TIFF or PDF formats
– Batch printing and then batch indexing of documents in queue
– Enter document meta-data before upload
– Upload in background queue for increased user productivity

Docs4ECM integrates with Windows Explorer. Users can simply select one or more files through Windows Explorer, right-click on them, and through Docs4ECM context menu send them to classification. Drop files into predefined Watch folders to automatically import them into application for further classification. You can also drag&drop emails from Microsoft Outlook or IBM Lotus Notes with optional attachment splitting. Take screenshots of applications or parts of screen for further processing. User can then enter meta-data through common interface and publish document to ECM.
– Integrates with Windows Explorer context menu
– Integrates with Microsoft Outlook
– Integrates with IBM Lotus Notes
– Configure Watch folders for automatic document importing
– Take full screen, part of screen or application window screenshots
– Batch indexing of documents in queue

Docs4ECM has powerful document processing capabilities.
– Preview documents you work with
– Supports Microsoft Office, PDF, image or textual files
– Convert documents to PDF
– Split or merge supported documents
– Rotate, resize, crop, enhance colors, or deskew images
– Extract email attachments

Docs4ECM supports several well known ECM systems. Supported are: Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Office 365, EMC Documentum, Alfresco, Nuxeo.

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