Disk Write Copy Server Edition

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The software protects the computer by virtualizing data. It can be used to protect one or multiple chosen disk partitions. In “Normal” mode, DiskWriteCopy creates a virtual copy of the chosen partition. The user doesn’t notice any changes to computer operation or interface, but all data on the disk remain unchanged, while any changes the user implements affect the virtual copy. Thus any changes like settings adjustments, registry alterations, disk formattings, file downloads or virus infections on the hard drive remain on the virtual copy only. If you reboot the computer, the virtual copy is deleted and a new one is created for the new session from the original disk. This can be repeated until you switch off protection mode. In “Incremental” mode, DiskWriteCopy again starts by creating a virtual copy to which all changes are applied, but after a reboot the copy does not disappear. Thus you can continue to work with the virtual copy, and changes made before the reboot will be available. The number of reboots is not limited, and changes pile up over time. To delete the virtual copy you simply have to switch the protection off. * Protects parts of your system while you’re browsing the internet * Viruses, trojans and other malware simply vanish after a reboot * Protects your private data * Saves you time, money and work by maintaining high performance * Removes the need for regular defragmentations * No mail-filter can provide 100% blocking rate for spam and dangerous mails. DiskWriteCopy allows to quickly repair any damage that comes from opening an infected letter. * No traces of computer usage remain if you employ DiskWriteCopy protection mode * Any changes made in protected mode are reversed if a system error occurs or if the computer shuts down * Easy integration into all supported Microsoft Windows systems * Provides reliable protection for your computer

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