Disk Tools Non-commercial license


This software consists of four tools: File Generator, Data
, Drive Speed, Free
Disk Space
. The Disk Tools program is currently used by used by many corporations, professional labs, IT publications, hardware review web sites, hardware and software engineers, in performance

With Disk Tools you can:

  • Create millions of files to see if a file manager (like Windows Explorer, Total Commander) can handle such a big number of files (see File Generator)
  • Create stress conditions for your hard drive (see File Generator)
  • Create huge files to see how a programs or operating system are handling them (see File Generator)
  • Create huge files to see how text processors can handle them (see File Generator)
  • Test CD/DVD burning and transfer speed tests (see File Generator & Drive Speed)
  • Test the read/write speed of your disk drive (see Drive Speed)
  • Compare read/write speed of two drives (see Drive Speed)
  • Securely wipe sensitive information from your hard drive (see Data Wipe)

For details please see the manual. Please feel free to contact us if your organization needs a custom feature.
We can implement it for you.

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