Disclaimer for Outlook (Enterprise edition)

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The message processing is done on the client PC, but the network administrator can administer the settings with one central in file on a file server. Even Exchange mailbox properties or Active Directory fields can be used in the text. You can even use HTML formatted data stored in the active directory fields. This way you make sure that everyone uses the same central stored disclaimer, Company Logo, signature and layout for every email that is sent. You can even run advertising campaigns or advertise your upcoming events with links that point to your web server in every email that (some or all) users send out.

The WEAK version will allow to send out email from the workstation if there is no connection to the central INI file in which all settings are specified. In that case it will use the ini file locally on the hard disk of the computer.
The STRONG version will not allow the email to be sent when there is no network connection. This way you can be sure that the configured settings will be used.

The corporate version can only use one central INI file. It’s allowed to install the software on an unlimited number of pc’s but they must all use the same INI file on the same file server.
The enterprise version can use an unlimited number of INI files. It’s possible and allowed to install that version on all servers in the enterprise.

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