Diffusion - Designer Wood Shaders EP HappyEaster


Diffusion is a collection of 20 ultra-premium, wood materials to add to your VRayforC4D library. With some patterns having over 400 individual pieces of wood in them, you can be guaranteed a professional level of quality.

Concepts: 2006 albums, Buckethead


  • /hobbies and interests/guitar
  • /health and fitness/disorders/mental disorder/a.d.d.
  • /art and entertainment/books and literature

Tags: VRayforC4D library, individual pieces, wood materials, professional level, fitness/disorders/mental disorder/a.d.d./art, Diffusion, collection, patterns, quality.Concepts, albums, BucketheadCategories, /hobbies, interests/guitar/health, entertainment/books


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