Dev. Virto ONE License for SP 2010/2013/2016

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Virto ONE license is our special licensing solution that allows you to use all our web parts for Microsoft SharePoint. Use 1 year subscription license to enjoy more than 40 Virto components at the most attractive price you can imagine! Only $299/month per WFE paid annually. Both upgrades to newer versions and Migration are included for free.

The most considerable advantages of Virto ONE are:

  • One license for all web-parts for any version of SharePoint (2010 and 2013)
  • One activation key for everything – no need to request new activation key when a new version is ready
  • One expiration day for all licenses – easy to manage your payments

The idea of launching Virto ONE arised right after detailed analysis of the market and customers needs. VirtoSoftware clients mostly use 3-6 of our components for Microsoft SharePoint simultaneously. Surely furthermore new tasks and goals appear. Purchased and installed Virto components may not cover all these new requirements, and you need to add more web parts to your Virto collection with the appropriate set of features. Of course this results in additional cost for buying new licenses which are already out of your plan. That is why we decided to give our customers the independence of conditions and circumstances and launched the license which is always ready for adding new Virto products on sight!

Large group of necessary features will be availbale for usage according to your business needs. Just request Virto ONE license and feel free to use all our solutions on your SharePoint site:

  • Administration (web parts intended for easy management of users, passwords and alerts),
  • Collaboration (designed for visual presentation of SharePoint data and easy communication),
  • Bulk (full block of bulk operations with multiple files),
  • Content Management (for working with files of various types)
  • and Workflow (web parts for creating and managing SharePoint workflows). 

Virto ONE is also available as a Developement license for Dev & Test enviroments at a special price.

Summary: Virto, Microsoft, WFE, VirtoSoftware, 1 year, $299

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