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Virto List Menu Web Part intended for sorting list items into groups by first letters of their title. This feature is especially invaluable when a SharePoint list contains large amount on items and users need to search required ones with help of different tools.

Virto List Menu Web Part sorts list items by the first letter of their title (any other field can be chosen as well). It is also allowed to adjust redirect URL when clicking items, use special visual settings, define colors of background and font and add more fields to the item description part. The component is easily adjusted with help of CSS. As a result, even large SharePoint list can be presented in a short and convenient form.


  • Sorting list items in alphabetical order by the fisrt letter of title
  • Ability to use any other list field to sort by
  • Redirect by predefined URL after click an item in the web part
  • Ability to open page after redirect a new window or as a dialogue
  • Additional fields in an item description in the web part
  • Ability to sort by nums
  • Show count of items for each letter
  • Ability to define text for no match case
  • Number of colums in a row can be changed
  • RGB color code for the background and font


Summary: different tools

Concepts: Internet, World Wide Web, URL redirection, Sorting algorithm, RGB color model, Color space, Sorting, Field


  • /shopping
  • /sports/hockey/field hockey
  • /technology and computing/enterprise technology/customer relationship management

Tags: Virto List Menu, List Menu Web, list items, SharePoint list, sorts list items, large SharePoint list, item description, special visual settings, RGB color code, RGB color model, World Wide Web, computing/enterprise technology/customer relationship, redirect URL, URL redirection, different tools, list field, convenient form, alphabetical order, fisrt letter, new window, Additional fields, /shopping/sports/hockey/field hockey/technology, Color space, different toolsConcepts, match case, Ability, title, font, help, background, groups, letters, feature, users, ones, Features, component, colors, row, result, CSS, count, nums, page, Number, dialogue, colums, Summary

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