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Virto Charts is a jQuery-based control for creating plots, graphs and charts in Microsoft SharePoint. The component produces beautiful lines, bars and pie charts with many features. Charts can be based on a variety types of data sources, including SharePoint Lists, SQL tables, XML, etc.


  • Supports various data sources: SharePoint list, SQL database, XML, etc.
  • Ability to define chart height and width or diameter in pixels
  • RGB color coding for line and bar charts
  • Chart zoom
  • Stacked chart option
  • Highlighting data points
  • Bars with negative values
  • Ability to define colors for grid with RGB color coding of X and Y axis
  • Axis auto scaling (automatic definition of minimum and maximum)
  • Show/hide chart title and placing it to different positions
  • Show/hide chart legend and placing it to different positions
  • Ability to hide data source on chart
  • Filtering options for displayed data
  • Value grouping and data aggregation for Y axis
  • Ability to define data format for X axis of date and time type
  • Editions for SharePoint 2007 and 2010 versions

Summary: Microsoft

Concepts: Bar chart, Pie chart, Microsoft SharePoint


  • /technology and computing/software/databases
  • /hobbies and interests/astrology
  • /shopping/resources/loyalty programs

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