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Virto Cross Site & Cascaded Look up is a powerful tool to use for SharePoint information, and for joint display of associated data from several distinct sources including lists and sites. The component quickly cross-references existing data from a list or site and then applies a combination of filters to reduce the number of options presented in the drop down menu of your look up field and eliminating the possibility for error as a result of incompatible values.

The component allows to:

  • Cross-site look up of a SharePoint list from current site collection
  • Build parent-child relationships between list columns so that the value you choose in the parent column determines the options presented in the child column
  • Setting relationships between lookup fields
  • Add multiple selections for look up fields
  • Conversion of standard look up to Virto look up
  • Many other options for convenient SharePoint data displaying, grouping and filtering

How to use Cross Site Look up

As an example, we will do a case where you need to aggregate information from a list of clients which are grouped by countries and cities. We have created three look up fields with the dependence country -> city-> client. This means that when a user adds a new item to the list, he selects a country and a list of cities of the country will be displayed accordingly. And when the list of cities is defined, the same happens with clients list. Enter title of the look up and start typing a country name. The list of countries will be displayed. Click on the required country and use the arrow button to add this country to the look up. As you add countries to the look up, the list of cities will change accordingly. And as you select cities, the list of clients will change as well.

Though there are a number of products that offer the same functionality on the market, Virto Cross Site & Cascaded Lookup has a set of clear advantages. First, it integrates features of two distinct components, Cross Site Look upand Cascade Look up. Second, it provides users with additional features like advanced filtering and displaying additional columns for loo kup list items.

Virto Cross Site & Cascaded Look up is the only product that effectively combines two components: provides users with extended tools for advanced displaying of SharePoint data, and with a cost that is less than the majority of SharePoint web parts with similar functionality.


  • Cross-site look up of list from current site collection
  • Creating parent-child relationships between columns in the same list so that data entered in one field filters the options presented in another
  • Ability to set dependence between look up fields
  • Displaying additional columns for look up of list items
  • Advanced filter options
  • Multiple selections can be applied to look up fields
  • Conversion of Standard Look up to Virto Look up
  • Multiple Values and duplicate values removal
  • Datasheet View Support
  • Large number of items per list support (>2000)


Summary: Virto Cross Site, Virto

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