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Let Virto Administration Suite to help you in adjustment of your SharePoint site! Our components intended will do all the administration job. Here are the eight web parts for Microsoft SharePoint united in a single bundle!

1. Virto Active Directory User Service

Virto Active Directory User Service includes two components – Self Service (for working with your own data) and User Service (for management of other users’ data). AD Self Service Web Part allows users to manage their AD account by themselves. 

2. Virto Ajax Data Grid for SharePoint (N/A for SP2013)

Virto Ajax Data Grid is an Ajax based control intended for displaying items from SharePoint lists (or a site/site collection) or SQL items in a single grid. The component allows users to sort, scroll, edit, and save large datasets with the speed of desktop software.

3. Virto Alert and Reminder Web Part

Virto Alert and Reminder  allows SharePoint users to create their own task alerts and sent them to a specific user or a group of users. Alerts and notifications can be sent both by e-mail, and by SMS or via instant messengers like Jabber or Miranda.

4. Virto Create AD User Web Part

Virto Create & Clone AD User integrates Active Directories and SharePoint. This simple and effective web part allows SharePoint administrators to conveniently create and clone AD user accounts, as well as SharePoint user accounts. The component is extremely useful for large companies that have a need to frequently create or change accounts of their workers. 

5. Virto Password Change Web Part

Virto Password Change is a Web Part for SharePoint that allows Active Directory (AD) users and users with general accounts (FBAP) to change themselves their passwords when they are logged onto SharePoint Site. 

6. Virto Password Expiration Web Part

Virto Password Expiration is intended for sending e-mail alerts about password expiration to SharePoint users. The alert is send for the first time before the pre-defined date of expiration, the second time and then daily starting from the day you need. 

7. Virto Password Reset Web Part

Virto Password Reset Web Part is a component Microsoft SharePoint that allows any user logged in to the SharePoint portal using Active Directory authentication to reset his password without contacting administrator. New temporary password will be shown online or sent to email box according to the web part configuration.

8. Virto User Redirect Web Part (N/A for SP2007)

Virto User Redirect web part is intended for automatic redirecting of SharePoint users from the site pages they are not allowed to visit to other SharePoint site pages. This easy-to-use tool allows SharePoint site administrators to manage access iwithout displaying access errors or warning messages.

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