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Smart Scan.

The Smart Scan feature of the Optimization Suite is aimed at carrying out multiple tasks with ease. Several tasks like junk file cleaning, registry cleaning, disk defragmentation, spyware cleaning etc. can be accomplished through a single click. This not only saves time but also makes the process of performing multiple tasks a breeze.

With Automatic Smart Scan, you can schedule the select scans to run at a pre-specified day and time. This is very useful in performing regular automatic maintenance of your PC. To set a schedule, click on the Schedule Smart Scan option. This will open the Scheduler window with Smart Scan selected by default. From the right panel, check-mark the box against the scan you want to perform. Then, define the day and the time when you want to perform the automated scan.


Denfel’s Optimization Suite says it all. It’s Optimization process makes your operating system execute more rapidly, capable of operating with less memory storage and draw less power.

Registry Optimizer – Registry Optimizer builds a fresh copy of the Windows registry using information contained in your existing registry. In doing so, Registry Optimizer supercharges your system’s performance by removing fragmentation, gaps, and deleted registry entries. The result is a cleaner, leaner registry that takes up less disk space and consumes fewer memory resources.

Disk Optimizer – Disk Optimizer solves the problem of data fragmentation, bringing a renewed level of responsiveness to your applications and reducing the time it takes for your computer to boot! With Disk Optimizer, all of the fragments of data are rearranged back to a sequential order on your hard drive, greatly improving data access times. Whenever you’re experiencing sluggish application response times, slow boot and restart cycles, and a general decline in system performance, it’s time for Disk Optimizer

Memory Optimizer – Memory Optimizer resolves the most common causes of system crashes and application freezes! Memory Optimizer’s colorful and intuitive memory graph shows you, at a glance, your total memory, available memory, used memory, and the resources that are used by the system cache. By constantly monitoring your system, Memory Optimizer is able to reclaim valuable memory resources, making them available for your applications and ensuring the continued health of your operating system. Applications will perk up, running faster and with greater stability. You can even specify how much memory, Memory Optimizer should reclaim each time it runs, tailoring the memory allocation process to the way that you work.

Game Optimizer – With Game Optimizer running, this will never happen to you ever again. Game Optimizer provides you with a private virtual desktop that’s completely free of distractions – no music, no instant messaging, no other apps running except for your game. What’s more, Game Optimizer actually reallocates system memory, guaranteeing that your game will have plenty of resources, and ensuring that your gaming session will be free from plummeting frame rates, stuttering audio, and all of those other annoyances!


Protecting your data is your main priority. Denfel’s Optimization Suite incorporates various tools that will help you achieve that goal.

Disk Tools – Disk Tools performs diagnostic tests on your hard drive, informing you of any problem sectors and attempting to salvage any readable data that it finds in those bad sectors. Think about it – you may just think that you’ve lost an important file to a bad sector, but with Disk Tools, you may still be able to get it back!

PC Fixer – Just let PC Fixer scan your system, and it will present you with an easy-to-read summary list of common issues that negatively impact system performance and your user experience. The PC Fixer job list is sorted by category for your easy review – just click on a category like ‘Control Panel’ to see PC Fixer’s recommended list of action items. Plus, if you’re looking to fix or optimize a specific area, like your display settings, PC Fixer lets you search for specific items by keyword! PC Fixer is smart enough to remember how it’s helped you in the past, so every time you launch the program, you’ll see a summary of the last repair performed!

Privacy Protector – Privacy Protector addresses this issue head-on! With Privacy Protector, your confidential information, including all traces of your usage history, is completely and securely erased from your machine. Not only does Privacy Protector minimize the risk of identity theft, it also improves your system performance by removing files that take up disk space and consume resources.

Secure Encryptor – Secure Encryptor allows you to encrypt your programs into a format that’s unreadable to anyone who doesn’t have the decryption password! With Secure Encryptor, you don’t even have to worry if someone copies your most important files – in their encrypted form, they are all but useless. Encrypting files and folders with Secure Encryptor is as easy as adding them to a list, specifying a password, and clicking a button! Decryption is just as easy, and if you ever forget your password, there’s always a password hint that will help you to remember!

System and Security Advisor – By using System and Security Advisor’s intuitive tabbed interface, you can page through the utility’s recommended changes with respect to your computer’s performance, areas that require tuning up, and settings that affect your overall security. Within each category, the tips are categorized and the benefits summarized in easy-to-understand descriptions that allow you to make informed decisions.

Driver Updater – Driver Updater takes all of the tedious work out of keeping your system’s drivers up to date! By scanning your system, Driver Updater is able to automatically download and install the latest updates for all of the drivers for all of your components. Of course, you’ll be presented with a summary of all of your outdated drivers before Driver Updater goes to work – just select those that you want to update, and click!


The operating system is composed of many system and data files, each of which is responsible for contributing a key part of your overall user experience. Denfel’s Optimization Suite contains various tools that will keep your system and data files safe.

Backup Manager – Backup Manager lets you create different backup profiles, or jobs, each of which can be used to back up and restore specific files and folders. For instance, you could create one backup job to back up your photos, and another to back up your music, and yet a third that would back up a larger portion of your hard drive. All of your backups can be stored as space-saving ZIP archive files. Once you create a backup job, you can re-run that job at any time. Restoring data from backup is as easy as a few clicks.

Undelete – Undelete scans your entire system for deleted files and folders, giving you the opportunity to recover them as if they never left! Hard drives, partitions, external devices, even CD and DVD drives can be scanned for recoverable files by Undelete. You even have your choice of scan – just the Master File Table, for a quick scan, or a deeper scan which performs a sector-by-sector scan of the hard drive for file signatures. As the scan progresses, Undelete shows you how many deleted files and folders it’s detected. Once the scan is complete, Undelete displays a list of deleted items, allowing you to preview and recover any item to the destination of your choice!

Backup and Restore – System Files Backup and Restore ensures that you’ll always have a working backup copy of your Windows system files. In fact, using System Files Backup and Restore, you’ll be able to maintain multiple copies of your system files from several different points in time, giving you the power to roll your system back to a specific date, before you were struck with the virus or file corruption. It’s a good idea to take a monthly snapshot of your system settings, or to create a backup before installing a new piece of hardware or software. Restoring your system files from a backup is as easy as designating the date of the backup and clicking Start Restore.


Keeping your PC clean from internet junk and day to day processing will make your computer safe and free from malicious software. Denfel’s Optimization Suite uses tools such as Registry and System Cleaner to achieve that inner harmony.

Registry Cleaner – Registry Cleaner finds and removes unnecessary and invalid entries in your Windows registry, reducing system response time and minimizing the risk of problems when installing new software applications. By ensuring that your registry contains only those entries that are necessary to support currently installed hardware and software items, Registry Cleaner reduces the likelihood of data corruption due to conflicting registry entries.

System Cleaner – System Cleaner is specifically designed to identify junk files that threaten to destabilize your system and compromise your identity. With System and Disk Cleaner, you are assured of the complete removal of these files, which are often missed by other utilities available in the market!

Secure Delete – Secure Delete keeps the privacy and security of your system intact. By implementing a secure deletion method developed by the United States Department of Defense, Secure Delete ensures that no tool can ever recover your deleted files and folders! By using Secure Delete to securely remove your sensitive files, deleted items are permanently removed from your system. When the deletion process has completed, Secure Delete provides you with a clear summary report that shows you how many items were deleted, and how much disk space was freed as a result of the deletion.

Duplicate Files Remover – Duplicate files take up a lot of unnecessary disk space and can drag down your system’s file access rate. They also create an environment ripe for program errors – if an application finds more than one instance of a particular file, it could use the wrong one, or just outright crash on you. Duplicate Files Remover thoroughly searches your hard disk and removes all duplicate files from your system, freeing up valuable disk space and increasing the efficiency of your file system.

Disk Explorer – The Disk Explorer utility features a Windows Explorer-style interface that displays all of the available drives on your system on the left, and all of the folders contained in the selected drive on the right. With the intuitive pie chart graphic, you’ll be able to see, at a glance, what types of files take up the most space on your disk. Have you ever wondered how much of your disk space is taken up by music files? With Disk Explorer, this is no longer a mystery! Want to clean up your drive and free up some space? Disk Explorer provides you with a handy list of the 100 largest files on the drive.

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