DCFinder Advanced 1 Year License


DCFinder is the first software in the world replicating the behavior of the search engine bots like e.g. googlebot and furthermore replicating the content analysis to determine if the text on a URL are too similar to one or more other URLs on the same site.

Duplicate content is the single most important problem for e-commerce sites and larger websites in general. Duplicate content creates a large number of problems including loss of link value and

As a “duplicate content finder”, DCFinder spiders links from a website which it is pointed to, much the same way as a Human User and a search engine bot would click / follow links on a website, generate a list of all the links which can possibly be generated from that website, then search each of those page contents for duplicate words, phrases, and content blocks.

DCFinder is run as a Windows desktop application that can spider links on locally hosted, unpublished websites (ie: http://localhost/yourwebsite), or can also spider links on websites that have already been published and accessible over the internet.

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