Cypherus Encryption Suite


Did you know?
Your email is regularly intercepted, copied and read numerous times en route over the Internet!
Your files and data can be viewed by snoops and hackers with physical or virtual access to your PC!
Cypherus has recognized these consumer risks and is leading the industry in addressing electronic security and user privacy!
Cypherus 2.0 is the total security solution for all of your electronic data and email, a comprehensive suite of encryption and security tools. Cypherus is the strong, affordable, easy to use solution for personal and professional digital security. With Cypherus 2.0, customers can:
Safely store important and sensitive electronic information
Send secure and private email to anyone
Remove or ?shred? unwanted files and data
Privacy for your Personal Data
Medical Records
Tax Information
Insurance Policies
Family Photographs
Bank and Financial Data
Confidentiality for your Business Data
Business Plans
Financial Reports
Client Information
Employee Records
Proprietary Intellectual Property
Additional Features:
Easy to install, easy to use, including drag-and-drop support
32-pass file shredding
Securely store online passwords, PINs, and card numbers in the Key Manager
Integrated file compression, comparable to typical compression systems
Encrypt and compress any file type
Time-proven algorithms: 448-bit Blowfish, 4096-bit Diffie-Helman
Seamless PKI though the Cypherus Public Key Server
Encryption plug-ins for the most popular email clients
Create password protected self-extracting encrypted archives
Automate routine encryption with the Autoencryptaur feature
Customizable GUI, skin technology, and downloadable skin builder kit
Built in tutorial to help new users get started
Comprehensive help files and user manual
Cypherus 2.0 Contents:
Cypherus Software, Cypherus Help Files, Cypherus User Manual – PDF format, Cypherus How-To Tutorial

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