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Want to make your work with mobile phone quick? Tired of searching the often used contact in the list of contacts? Then CuteKeys software is a good thing to try.

You will only once create a key combination and attach it to a certain action. After that you will just have to press shortly the chosen key combo and the action you have chosen will be quickly performed. You have the following actions to choose from: open the application, send SMS/MMS/eMail to a chosen contact, open a document/multimedia file/website, open certain contact details, change Bluetooth status.

Cute Keys application remembers button combinations of the keyboard, so you can perform the programmed action from any place in the mobile.

You may create as many Cute Keys combinations as your phone allows. The most shortcuts combinations consist of two buttons, some mobiles allow also 3 and 4 buttons pressing together. The application is fully customizable according to your needs. On the phones with QWERTY keyboard you will have the hot keys similar as you have them on the PC.

Cute Keys Software is easy to use with friendly interface.

Key Features:

– Wide range of actions that can be performed on key combo pressing: favurite applications available on one key press
– No limits to the quantity of key combinations
– Shortcuts to Send SMS, MMS or email sends it to the pre-defined contact, not just opens the message editor.
– Change Bluetooth status with one key pressing is very time saving and also secures the mobile
– Quick access to the favorite websites with one hotkey

Registration Information

The trial version is fully functional and limited for 10 days. A license code based on IMEI is provided upon purchase. Software can be purchased on or on various online web stores.

Never Expires

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