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So, here is a short list of features of CSecurity:

– Office monitoring. Display video from several cameras (up to 64)
– Support of IP cameras, webcams.
– Movement detection. Configuration of sensitivity of detector.
– Record video and snapshots when motion is detected
– Activation of the siren when motion is detected
– Send mail notification with attached snapshots.
– Program can work in background.
– Monitoring scheduler. Setting period of the day when the detector should be enabled.
– Setting the time frame for each day of the week and / or special dates.
– Remote monitoring using IP cameras and local when using the webcam (the software is installed on a PC in the office).

Summary: IP

Concepts: Film and video technology, Webcam, Videotelephony, Videophone, Video Remote Interpreting, Time, Video camera, Personal computer


  • /technology and computing/consumer electronics/camera and photo equipment/cameras and camcorders/cameras
  • /technology and computing/networking/network monitoring and management
  • /technology and computing/computer security/antivirus and malware

Tags: IP cameras, Video Remote Interpreting, attached snapshots, short list, Display video, Office monitoring, Monitoring scheduler, Movement detection, mail notification, Record video, time frame, special dates, video technology, Video camera, Personal computerCategories, computing/consumer electronics/camera, photo equipment/cameras, computing/networking/network monitoring, computing/computer security/antivirus, detector, webcam, Videophone, motion, siren, Activation, sensitivity, malware, webcams, Configuration, features, CSecurity, Support, Program, background, period, software, PC, IPConcepts, Film

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