Creative FlashFX 20% OFF - Easter Sale 2016


Creative FlashFX is the Flash Components Pack created to save users time and money. It includes the two top effects and transition Flash components available on the market: Creative Text FX (V2) and Creative Movie FX (V2). These new generation components, ActionScript 3.0 compliant, offer some really cool features: new effects + 3D effects (check out the effects gallery), action effects, integrated preview mode, 3 transition types (Show, Hide, Wait effects).

Concepts: Adobe Flash, ActionScript, SWF, Adobe Flash Player, JavaScript


  • /technology and computing/programming languages/javascript
  • /art and entertainment/movies and tv/movies
  • /technology and computing/software/graphics software

Tags: Creative Text FX, Creative Movie FX, transition Flash components, Flash Components Pack, Adobe Flash Player, integrated preview mode, new generation components, Creative FlashFX, transition types, Wait effects, cool features, effects gallery, action effects, new effects, computing/programming languages/javascript/art, computing/software/graphics software, ActionScript, V2, SWF, Hide, users, time, money, market, .Concepts, JavaScriptCategories, /technology


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