Creative DW Vertical Menu 20% OFF - Easter Sale 2016


We have created a vertical menu extension for Dreamweaver that seamlessly blends 2 of the best menu technologies – DHTML and FLASH. It takes the flexibility of DHTML menus and the Flash look and feel when constructing what can be called the ultimate tool for web site menus. The extension improves your site’s search engine optimization and Page Rank, making all pages accessible to the search engine. The vertical menus are compatible with all major browsers, can be customized to suit the design (easy styling and skinning -almost everything can be customized, colors, fonts, size …), and it comes with over 30 customizable built in skins. It requires no coding knowledge, can be easily managed across the web site, and it features a smart resize system that preserves round corners and the gradient fills when you change the menu size.

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