Creative DW Menus Pack 20% OFF - Easter Sale 2016


Using the Creative DW Menu Pack you have a complete navigation solution for your websites: 3 menu types Over 90 skins included 100 % customizable Great value … Now you can seamlessly blend vertical menus with horizontal ones by keeping the same design style across the menus. All menus share the same menu styles and each menu comes with more than 30 skins to choose from.

Summary: 100 %

Concepts: Design, Web design, Graphic design, Harshad number, Menu, Vertical market, Geodesy, Creativity


  • /art and entertainment/visual art and design/design
  • /art and entertainment/visual art and design/design/graphic design
  • /technology and computing/internet technology/web design and html

Tags: Creative DW Menu, complete navigation solution, customizable Great value, computing/internet technology/web design, entertainment/visual art, vertical menus, Harshad number, Vertical market, horizontal ones, menu types, menu styles, design style, Graphic design, design/design/graphic design/technology, /art, Geodesy, skins, Pack, websites, from.Summary, Concepts, CreativityCategories


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