Creative DW Image Effects 20% OFF - Easter Sale 2016


Creative DW Image Effects is a Dreamweaver extension that gives the user the ability to apply Photoshop-like effects to objects, such as creating soft edges, applying glow effects or creating 3-D art from the simplest shapes. It closes the gap between Photoshop and Dreamweaver. There are over 25 effects to choose from and you can easily combine the effects in order to obtain new and revolutionary enhancements for your images. The Creative DW Image Effects also provides you with an easy to operate user interface. Similar to our highly appreciated DW Menu interfaces, it allows you to efficiently set your options, obtaining great image effects in almost no time at all. The Creative DW Image Effects is a no-code-required solution for providing you with the most amazing image effects in the shortest amount of time and without any programming knowledge!

Summary: Dreamweaver, user interface

Concepts: User interface, Graphic design, Java


  • /society/unrest and war
  • /technology and computing/internet technology/web design and html
  • /technology and computing/software/graphics software

Tags: Creative DW Image, DW Image Effects, highly appreciated DW, computing/internet technology/web design, amazing image effects, user interface, great image effects, Dreamweaver extension, Photoshop-like effects, simplest shapes, soft edges, glow effects, 3-D art, revolutionary enhancements, no-code-required solution, programming knowledge, computing/software/graphics software, Graphic design, user interfaceConcepts, time, gap, objects, ability, images, Menu, Summary, options, JavaCategories


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