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COVERT Pro USB – new philosophy of data protection:

  • No matter whether your computer has a malware
  • No matter whether you are an experienced user
  • It is important that your work at the computer becomes invisible


To protect against spyware, COVERT Pro uses the masking method. It is the most reliable method against spyware — masking action of user. It means creation of secure platform, inside which user can run any applications, while remaining invisible to the spies.

All user activity on a computer disguised from intercepting. Capturing data from keyboard input and monitor screen is blocked.
Because antispyware COVERT Pro protects not only the physical input, but the virtual keyboard, the program can be used on tablet with OS Windows.

Another unique feature of COVERT Pro is protection against sound recording in the room where the computer is located. There are spyware programs that turns on the microphone when the sound level in the room exceeds a certain level and start to record everything on the hard drive. Then these files are sent to the e-mail address associated with spyware. COVERT Pro allows you to adjust the speakers and microphone level and completely block the microphone.

Built-in secure messenger allows you to communicate confidentially:
– Attackers are not able to intercept the keyboard input and take a screenshot when you are writing messages inside of secure platform
– You do not have to register for using messenger. Your address is serial number of Covert Pro
– All outgoing messages are encrypted
– The new encryption key can be set for each message and for each recipient.
– Immediately after reading, your message will be deleted from the server.
– You have ability to change the server for messaging. It is impossible to hack the server if you do not know where it is.
– After closing the program, all the messages will be deleted from the computer. History of messages is not saved and any spyware cannot get access to it.

COVERT Pro USB installs on a flash drive and can protect user’s work on any Windows PC. You can connect this USB flash drive to unlimited number of PCs.

Innovative approach, low system requirements, a simple and intuitive user interface, no need to continuously update – makes the program – antispyware COVERT Pro truly effective in everyday life. In this case there are no conflicts with the computer hardware and antivirus software!

  • The perpetual license. No need to pay for an annual update.
  • Free upgrade to the new version.
  • One portable version can protect all your Windows computers and tablets
  • Built-in secure messenger
  • Compliant with any antivirus

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